Sunday, December 12, 2010

Weddings and Weight Lifting Gloves

My husband and I got married in May, at a very impromptu ceremony at the local courthouse without my parents or any of my friends knowledge. With him being in the Navy, I just wasn't comfortable with the love of my life going out to sea without being married, so much to my parents and friends dismay we did it anyway.  We had decided on a "wedding" day and were planning a wedding while most people didn't even know we already were married. The guilt got to me, and I ended up telling close friends and family that we were already married, but still wanted to do a ceremony in front of both our family and friends. Currently, we have a recommitment ceremony planned for October of next year, near our 2 year anniversary.

Yesterday, I headed to the Bridal store to go order THE dress. It was one I tried on and cried when they put on the I knew it was what I wante.d.  Or so I thought. While at the store, I tried on the original dress I fell in love with. Which looked like this....
Pretty much hell bent on this purchase, the saleswomen asks when my wedding is and then suggest another dress they had just got in. It looked similar to the one I had picked out before, but was in a heavier fabric and a little less "beachy" looking. I gave it a try, thinking there is no way it would blow this other dress out of the water....but I'll be damned--- It did. It was the prettiest dress I've ever seen. Also more 100 dollars more expensive. But it was perfect. I went in to buy my dream dress and left ordering one that was even more perfect. I guess sometimes it's good to step away for awhile and broaden your horizons! I'd love to post a pic, but I'd hate for B to lurk on the blog and see it! Ruin all the excitment :)

But after my stressful and expensive afternoon, I spent the evening at the gym. Surprise, suprise. :) I tried out some new things and finally worked up the nerve to use the row machine. Wow. That thing is a butt kicker! As well as a blister maker! I was on it for about 15 minutes and 2500M and left with blisters! I then went to do some ab exercises and some assisted dips and chinups and before I knew it my hands were raw.

Number 1 on my christmas list this year is some liftig gloves! I have a feeling I have not only blisters in my future, but lots of lovely calluses and we all know and love how awesome calluses feel. Really feminine...haha

Today is a quiet day, B is supposed to be home from his 10 day cruise, but he'll probably have to work tonight so chances of im being home today is slim. I miss him. I just want him home!  We're leaving Thursday for a trip to Phoenix and then heading up to Illinois for the holidays! It shoud be a nice little vacation. We both need it! I'm hoping I can stay on track with my eating so I don't gain back the 7 lbs I've worked so hard to lose!

Hope you have a fantastic weeked!


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  1. CONGRATS on being married...that's kinda awesome!!! It's pretty amazing you went ahead and did what was right for YOU and didn't sit around doing what everyone else wanted you to do...good for you!!