Thursday, December 9, 2010

When the Cat's away....

The mouse will play..... in the gym?!


Yea, you read that right. I've realized when B is gone, my semi-empty life is easily filled by hours at the gym.  He's been gone for roughly a week and I have been at the gym for at least an hour all of those days except one. I feel I may be getting slightly obsessed with it, but its much better than being obsessed with eating an entire chocolate cake --- right?

Then several nights ago, I got out of work early and thought it would be best to leave the all too quiet house and head to the gym. I made it to the gym around 4 PM, stayed for three fitness classes and rode the stationary bike. I left the gym 3 hours later with1800 ecalories burned. I felt very accomplished and severely famished) but wondered if it was heatlhy. Physically, I'm sure my body needed it, but mentally--- ?

The gym I go to has the Les Mills fitness classes, and boy do these things mean business! My favorite so far for sweating is the BodyCombat. It's fast-paced, energetic, and has great music. I burned almost 900 calories in a 45 minute class! It's like Tae-bo on steroids....

But I have to admit the most enjoyable class I take is the BodyJam class. I am THE WORST dancer, but in my head I think I look good. So this class is perfect because I can try to be hip hop and still burn a buttload of calories. I can embrace my inner stripper and cheerleader in this class. Classes tend to be small too, so the amount of people humilate myself in front of is limited...thank goodnes.

(and I look exacly like that girl) sure.

But anyway---To top it off all that cardio and the long night at the gym, I had a personal training appointment that next morning at 7am and was way too sore for my own good. He kicked my ass real good, and left me sore leaving the gym. I woke up today, tried to get out of bed and it felt as though my muscles had all decided to go on strike. It was a slow moving morning, but by the afternoon I felt normal enough again, so I went today and did a light work out, bike, elliptical, incline treadmill. Surprisingly enough, I think it did the trick! I feel pretty great! I'm already planning my trip to the gym tomorrow!

I miss B. A lot. It's his birthday today and he's floating somewhere in the Atlantic (?) I think. I sent him a birthday email, a birthday text, and so many birthday thoughts and still have yet to hear from him. I need to get used to not hearing from him a lot, but its hard. Especially, when the few friends I have around here are always busy, and I'm left alone with my thoughts, and my full refridgerator. I have to admit though, working out does negate the ideas of eating. I hate to put all that effort into busting my ass and then just eating whatever.

Tomorrow if my last day of work, and then it's vacation til te 27th. I'm pretty excited. I love my job (to an extent) but can't wait to not go there. I'm not sure what I'll be doing with all this free time, but I will promise it won't be all spent at the gym. I'll try and do a tasteful amount. :)

How much is too much working out or is there such a thing? If you have answer, let me know!


  1. Wow! If I could just have an ounce of your motivation! I just started my FINAL weight loss journey on October 1st. I was 275 (...and I'm only 5' tall!)...yuk! I joined Weight Watchers on 10/1 and I have lost 28 lbs so far. :) I am doing AWESOME with my food choices (which I thought would be the hard part! lol) but I can not seem to get motivated to get downstairs (we have awesome home gym equipment) for a workout. I'm laid off, and really don't have a busy schedule, but it seems I can always find an excuse not to exercise...maybe if I could put my laptop on the treadmill somehow and surf the internet while I walk... :)

    Congrats on your motivation and weight loss! I'm sorry to hear about your husband being deployed though...that has to be tough...but I truly appreciate both of you for the sacrifices you are making for my freedom and protection! :)

  2. Seems to me that you have all the right tools to make this deployment work for you! I am not military but have many close friends that are. Count your blessings everyday and stay focused; you will achieve you goals and hubby will be back before you know it! You sound like a strong woman.